Live For Progress. As your personalized virtual training partner, MyFitQuest, powered by MyCloudfitness, is here to help you reach your best shape and to be healthy while doing it. MyFitQuest has multiple features designed to help gain clarity of performance, boost your relationship to your fitness goals, and to help encourage you through all of it.
Exercise Time
Exercise is more fun when you know that you're making progress. Track your speed, distance, time and calories burned during your workout. You'll be happy and amazed at what you can achieve.
Logging Your Activities
By logging your activities, you will be able to know your progression throughout the varying days, weeks, months, and even throughout the year. Being able to log your activities simply, fast, and without interrupting your workout will enhance your ability to set better goals and to achieve those goals even faster.
Set Those Goal
Setting, then reaching fitness goals is a great way to mark levels of progress. You can establish these goals via distance, calories or duration of your exercise. Whether it’s burning those glutes on a 100-mile bike ride or burning those glutes at home on an elliptical, MyFitQuest will help you reach your goals.
MyFitQuest offers summaries of your exercise program as well as other activities you logged. You can see your reports via the MyFitQuest App or Mycloudfitness Website as long as there is Internet connectivity Set up these reports so you can see them daily, weekly, montly, or even yearly. Reports ensure that you’re on track and to remind you of the awesome progression of your fitness journey with MyFitQuest.
Increase Your Challenges
Be confident that you can progress with our many different exercise programs. As you are getting stronger, you will be able to challenge yourself further. Our programs are designed for graduation of difficulty in order for you to achieve not only your goals but beyond.