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Like any activity, tracking your progress is important. Our program is equipped with tools and analytics to support your goals. And with encouragement, and hopefully a lot of fun, we’ll help you reach them. Set your goals, and MyCloudFitness will help you get there. Sign up now for free, and with MyCloudFitness, you’ll be on your way to a healthier and more active lifestyle.
Inspiration Comes Within
and With Our Products
MyCloudFitness offers a variety of fitness products that help you get healthy and active. Our devices are all Bluetooth compatible and work with the MyCloudFitness app. Not only will our products assist you with various exercise programs, you’ll be able to change and add diversity to your regiment that makes working out more fun and challenging.

Whatever your targets, MyCloudFitness provides you with products, tools and services to realize your ultimate goal.
Track Your Progress: Anytime, Anywhere
With the MyCloudFitness app, you have the ability to track your exercise activity and progress anytime and anywhere. Monitor activities such as calorie intake or track your daily steps and distance, you can even track other activities that are part of your fitness program.