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Easily installed, MyFitQuest will record your workout data so you don't have to. Once you're done, MyCloudFitness will let you manage your workout goals, track your progress and input your nutritional intake to keep you on track.
The Future Of Fitness Is Glide
The FITNESS REALITY X-Class 710 Bluetooth Elliptical provides a fluid and whisper quite momentum that allows for natural, low impact, high intensity workout. The ‘Turbo Drive’ 44lb flywheel, which is 3 times heavier than most Elliptical flywheels allows for a smoother and more consistent motion without the stepper feel of traditional elliptical. Choose from 24 levels of smooth Magnetic Tension resistance and over 20 workout programs from the ‘Sleek Touch’ backlit console while our MyFitQuest app for IOS saves your progress so you don’t have to. The X-Class 710 ‘Quite Drive’ Belt system provides a noiseless workout experience that lets you enjoy your favorite TV show or music with the built-in tablet holder and imbedded console speakers. Your workout will never be the same!

Track Your Progress
With the MyFitQuest App, you have the ability to track your exercise activity and progress anytime and anywhere. Monitor activities such as weight changes, track your daily steps, distance, and workouts. Tracking your workout experience on our products and app can now become an easy part of your fitness journey.